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I enjoy editing novels, of course, but also children’s books, nonfiction, short stories and novellas, feature articles and other periodicals, website and blog content, and even presentations. In short, I have edited hundreds of works, and all shapes and sizes.

I have a great interest in most things military or homeland security, and I’ve taken a liking to good science fiction. But I enjoy works of just about any genre. Still, it’s important that an author and editor work well together, and there might be times when a writer and I are just not a great fit. So I’ll ask for a sample of your work, take a look, and then you and I can make a decision.

In the meantime, I heartily recommend the following great books, which I’ve had the pleasure of editing. Intrigued? Then left-click the cover of a book in publication, and get yourself a copy to enjoy!

Godfrey’s Crusade (Griffin Legends Book 1), by Mark Howard

A crusade is called to aid the Kingdom of Azgald in the distant Nordslands, and the young idealistic knight Godfrey does not hesitate to volunteer. Yet Godfrey soon learns that the greatest threat to the expedition’s success is not the savage clans under High Warlord Alvir and the Great Witch of the North, Nera, or the orcs and cyclopes that fight beside the clans, but the rivalries among the crusaders themselves. Can Godfrey interpret the vision granted to him by the gods and unite the crusaders with his holy blade? Will his love, Madeline, be able to keep her magical powers hidden from suspicious priests and opportunistic lords? Will they be able to stop Nera and Alvir from unleashing an ancient evil upon Azgald, or will Godfrey and his friends all meet a bitter end in the frigid Nordslands?

Vital Targets (Tierra Campos Book 3), by award-winning author Mikael Carlson

America is still reeling from the events that transpired during the New Hampshire Democratic Primary. With the immediate threat of election interference neutralized, spring turns to summer, and the nation awaits the nominating conventions, utterly unaware of the danger lurking in the long shadows.
A flamboyant and popular pundit moves against Tierra Campos as she transitions to her new role at the iconic political television program Capitol Beat. After a controversial interview lands her in hot water with her network, he calls for boycotts and mobilizes a social media mob to cancel her. With her future as a journalist hanging in the balance, she must realign with old friends to uncover the hidden truth behind her cancellation before her career is left in ruins.
As Tierra struggles, Special Agent Victoria Larsen abandons her plans to leave the FBI when a team probing manipulation in the New Hampshire election approaches her with an offer. Something doesn’t add up, and a feeling is growing that the mysterious Machiavelli may have co-conspirators. After a trio of shocking murders, she finds herself in the cross-hairs of a deadly new enemy who has one assignment: ensure that she isn’t alive to continue investigating.
Vital Targets is the third explosive and riveting book in the Tierra Campos series, available on Amazon or here on Mikael Carlson’s website:

And announcing the newly edited, updated re-release of the Tierra Campos series, Books 1-2, by Mikael Carlson

Justifiable Deceit (Tierra Campos Book 1), by Mikael Carlson

WINNER – National Indie Excellence Award for Political Fiction, 2020; American Fiction Award for Thriller: Political, 2020; Book Excellence Award for Suspense, 2021; FINALIST – National Indie Excellence Award for Suspense, 2020; FOREWORD Indies Award for Suspense/Thriller, 2021

Ethan Harrington was a typical teenager when his world got turned upside down in the aftermath of the worst school shooting in American history. A year later, he has become the country’s leading gun control activist and a media darling. When Ethan teams up with a powerful senator to push an extreme gun measure through Congress, a divided America watches the political fireworks in Washington. As both sides of the debate mobilize for an epic showdown, the public is about to discover that everything they know about the massacre that launched this movement may be wrong.
Journalist Tierra Campos and FBI Special Agent Victoria Larsen begin questioning the official investigation into the shooting and find themselves caught in the political crossfire. Despite public condemnation, covert activities, and physical violence meant to stop them, they remain undaunted in their quest – but at what price? With their careers threatened and livelihoods at stake, they must race to unlock the secrets behind this horrible mass shooting before the truth disappears forever.

Devious Measures (Tierra Campos Book 2), by Mikael Carlson

Election year politics is an ugly game that gets dirtier every two years. When the campaign of a rising candidate is targeted with intimidation, arson, and cyberattacks, attention immediately turns to his chief opponent in the primaries as the instigator: Senator Alicia Standish.
Drawn to inconsistencies in the suicide of a political mega-donor a month earlier, FBI Special Agent Victoria Larsen finds herself trapped in a quagmire of internal politics. With no other place to turn when the state becomes a political battlefield, she enlists the help of journalist Tierra Campos to track down a series of leads that could provide answers. Little does she know that Tierra has her own problems.
Since unraveling the conspiracy behind the Brockhampton massacre, Tierra has become a media superstar. Her imminent departure from the online news organization Front Burner has created a rift with her editor that has become impossible to bridge. Forced to operate outside of their normal channels, Tierra and Victoria must put all the pieces together to catch the conspirators manipulating America’s first primary. As assumptions lead to shocking conclusions, they must make a bold move before the presidential race is altered forever.

Life on Planet Earth, by Andy Gorman

Humankind is finally coming home, but they are no longer the dominant species…
Nearly 700 years ago, the Terminal Plague turned Earth into a desolate wasteland—a world now riddled with the devolved progeny of Homo sapiens.
The descendants of the only survivors live out a bleak existence in a lunar city called Omega, where the privileged live deep underground while the poor suffer radiation poisoning on the surface.
Headstrong seventeen-year-old Liam Stone hates it there. When he’s not scrubbing shrimp and algae vats, he spends his limited free time in the Earth Simulator, training to leave the cramped halls and rigid schedules of Omega behind. Boasting higher scores and better biometrics than any other candidate, Liam is confident he will earn a spot on the return mission to Earth…
Until the moment his sister is chosen instead.
Devastated but unwilling to give up, Liam chooses to take matters into his own hands—to get to Earth at any cost. But Earth is not like the simulations, and the simulated monsters didn’t prepare him for the real threats he will face.

Bodies: A Romantic Bloodbath, by Moses Yuriyvich Mikheyev

High school genius and sociopath Vince Nilsson is obsessed with Melissa Price. So when she rejects him after a few dates, he devises the perfect plan—manipulate her genes to make an even better version of her . . . one who’s more receptive to him. Of course, he’ll have to kill the real Melissa first. But is it really murder if the person still exists?  
As he continues to “perfect” Melissa, he realizes he can change the world, one gene at a time. Before long, Vince is an underground celebrity, and his company, Emergence, Inc., is in high demand with spouses wishing to replace their better halves with improved clones and parents desiring healthy children.
But the pursuit of perfection has ramifications. Now, decades later, when a body mysteriously shows up at young Leo Oaks’ door, it’s up to him and his girlfriend, Sara Hawking, to unravel the enigmas of a new world where authenticity is ambiguous and no one is who they seem. As the two grow closer, they begin to discover secrets about their own pasts. And just how entwined their lives are with Emergence, Inc. . . .
A thought-provoking and vividly imagined techno-thriller set in the not-so-distant future, Bodies examines the price of idealism in this riveting page-turner. For fans of Quentin Tarantino and Stephen King.

Dire Consequences, by L. D. Albano

Alexander Matthews has one simple rule: Don’t harm the Normal humans under his protection. Or as he likes to say, “If you feed, you bleed.”
One-hundred-fifty years old, and all out of patience for stupid stuff, this werewolf prefers to live in isolation pursuing his own interests, but the universe has different ideas. Add in a hot new assistant who he is inexorably drawn to and it’s a sure recipe for disaster.
While in Italy representing his antiquities business, his unsuspecting and completely human assistant, Tina, is attacked, precipitating some hard choices for this very private lycanthrope. One thing is certain, though—Alexander’s reaction to this assault will be brutal, fatal, and come far sooner than anyone expects.
Retribution will put him in direct conflict with two factions: Naples werewolves and vampires. Who will survive? Can one man really enforce his rule on an entire city? More importantly, does Alexander really have any choice?
If you like your vampires sparkly and emo, this is definitely not the book for you.

Convergence, by Gary Baumann

Convergents have the burgeoning potential to be the next step of human evolution, a seamless blend of technology and genetic editing. Ember’s sole goal and reason for existence is to see her unborn child enrolled in the Convergent program. Though still in its experimental stage, the impacts are already being felt as each wave of these new humans upends social norms and further strains a system on the verge of breaking.
Of course, nothing is ever easy. Aside from the program’s secrecy, Ember has spent her entire pregnancy on the run, a grifter and petty thief relegated to the very lowest rungs of society. Still, she is willing to risk it all—her life, her freedom, and her sanity to give her babe the chance to stride forward with humanity as a Convergent, rather than spend its life with her on the outside as a grimy outcast.

Muse Delusion, by T. K. Flor

A lost manuscript. A woman determined to find it. A man who finds her irresistible.
In NYC, freelance consultant Jack Ellis – still grieving after the death of his beloved grandmother – finally starts to put his life back together. But his attempts to leave the past behind unravel when he meets Lisa, a storybook-beautiful woman who claims she came for a manuscript that Jack’s grandmother promised her. A manuscript Jack has never heard of.
Allured by her beauty and drawn to her impetuous personality, Jack joins Lisa in a search that takes them on an unexpected journey, casting the people he thought he knew in a whole new light.
There’s no doubt Lisa is a disruptive force, yet Jack cannot disentangle himself from her quirky and potentially dangerous intrusion. Lisa is all charm when it suits her, but can Jack accept her mysterious mental powers and embrace a woman who believes she is actually a muse from Mount Olympus?

A Sky of Engines: Book One of the Space Hobo Trilogy, by Fearghus Heatley

The reek of rocket fuel, the rivets of the hull, the rumble of ignition: These are the things that Murton Klapp lives for—beacons on the path to his dream of leaving his world for the lush frontier planet of Esperella.
Life in the spaceport city of Gateway is loud, crowded, and shrouded in smoke, and after decades of struggling to keep his rocket business airborne, Murt is at the end of his fuse. And Esperella is still thirty million miles away.
Ship after ship leaves Arth, and Murt remains grounded, trudging home to a crummy apartment, where he can’t face his wife or son without argument. How will he reach the new world when he can’t even afford a bus ticket? And how can he be the intrepid starship captain when his own son won’t look him in the eye?
Murt has no idea that in a world brimming with more likely candidates, it is he who is destined to make first contact. And when it happens, he must make an impossible choice to not only survive the encounter, but be worthy of it.

Galaxy’s Most Wanted (Atalan Adventures Book 6), by R M Hamrick
**Also see the Chasing and other Atalan Adventures books, below**

Back at the helm of the Atalanta Empress, Frankie’s ready to leave her birth planet in the space dust.
Unfortunately, the woman on trial as THE GALAXY’S MOST WANTED shares her DNA and claims Frankie’s identity and its included would-be freedom.
In desperate need of legal advice, Frankie welcomes a visit from Gail’s family – one of whom is an attorney. Reluctantly, the crew pretends Gail is captain, even as she becomes convinced (again) the ship is haunted.
Like a copy of a copy, Frankie’s origin story is muddled as she learns her adoption was not through official lines, but through Calligan Reincarnation Services. She begins to wonder not only where she’s from, but where she’s been.
In this case, the truth might not set her free.
Concluding another three-part adventure, Galaxy’s Most Wanted features evil twins, extensive office etiquette, and a commercial jingle so catchy it’s been outlawed in several stellar systems.


PowerPoint Ranger: My Iraq War Logs, by Capt. Kelly Galvin, USA (Retired)
*Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist!*

More than a decade after leaving the Army, retired signal corps captain Matt Jerome answers the call to enlist his critical skills in the surge of forces in Iraq in 2009. Overcoming the obstacles of age, weight, training, and physical and medical fitness to be deployed to a major headquarters in Baghdad, the captain becomes immersed in compiling reviews, analyses and documentation of horrific scenes of war into full-color, classified presentations. A fictionalized memoir, PowerPoint Ranger is a story of determination, perseverance, and sacrifice, plunging you into an emotional behind-the-scenes look at being recalled to active duty to work in a highly stressful combat zone assignment. If you’ve ever been deployed and wondered what staff really accomplish at headquarters, or you just want a taste of the Joint Operations Center gristmill, this book is for you.

Bishop’s War (Bishop Series Book 1), by bestselling author Rafael A. Hines

This fast-paced and action-packed suspense thriller introduces us to Special Forces Sergeant John Bishop, decorated war hero, and nephew of crime boss, Gonzalo Valdez. After returning home from Afghanistan John’s hopes for a peaceful future are quickly shattered when he is catapulted back into the global war on terror through a succession of life-threatening events and corrupt intrigue. He battles against terrorist operatives in New York, a powerful Afghan warlord, and a psychopathic billionaire with powerful White House connections. When John’s uncle gets involved, he proceeds to treat John’s enemies to a bitter taste of mob vengeance. From that point on the ride speeds up and the reader will have to hold on for dear life. This is a thriller not to be matched for intensity and breathless excitement—not for the faint-hearted.

Bishop's Law Cover.jpg

Bishop’s Law (Bishop Series Book 2), by bestselling author Rafael A. Hines

In his debut novel, Bishop’s War, author Rafael Amadeus Hines delivered a knock-out punch! The international bestselling action-thriller introduced us to former US Special Forces Sgt. 1st Class John Bishop, his Spec Ops team, and John’s crime boss uncle, Gonzalo Valdez, as they united to take on terrorists, contract killers, a psychotic billionaire, and Afghan warlords.
In the eagerly anticipated sequel, Bishop’s Law, the nonstop action continues with Bishop and his team battling against ISIS terror cells, a family of Pakistani assassins, and the Russian mob. Hang on for an action-packed and suspense-filled thrill ride! Once again—not for the faint-hearted.

The Forge (Atlantic Island: Vacancy Book 2), by bestselling author Fredric Shernoff
**Also see Omega Protocol, below**

Emma and Dylan try to return to their normal lives after barely surviving the vacant store in two time periods, but their enemy from the past is alive in the present and on their trail! What will lead them back to the mysterious and ancient Forge, and what secrets does it hold? Find out in the exciting continuation of the story that began in Vacancy!

Golden Door Cover.jpg

The Golden Door at Laodicea, by Richard L. Ward

Enter the strange, futuristic virtual world of the Game, where a player’s deepest emotions, memories and unspoken fears come to life. This is where the line between reality and fantasy is blurred, and where the human soul is truly revealed and tested. Chow Li, a guilt-ridden former leader of the totalitarian, anti-Christian government, must enter the Game to save his daughter Mia Chow. Mia and her boyfriend Martin Collins have become prisoners of the evil Senator Nathaniel Reed, who plans to use the Game’s mysterious power to take over the world. Chow must find a way to rescue his daughter before he and his rebel recruits destroy the game. But this time they learn their play is for real, and they must win the Game that has never been won. To do this, they must face themselves, discover who they truly are, and learn to depend on each other. Their faith will be put to a brutal test. A mysterious and powerful child is their only way of escape as they progress from The Garden, Thyatira and Pergamum to the reward that awaits them on the other side of the Golden Door of Laodicea.

An Eye for an Eye Cover.jpg

An Eye for an Eye, a Life for a Life, by Robert J. Colichio

It is the year 1379. On the distant planet of Ithoria, The Bycorium Empire is in a state of turmoil. The Queen, Adrianna, turns a blind eye towards the problems of the nation. Prince Rozyn, only child of Queen Adrianna and heir to the Bycorium throne, nears the final steps of his education, while he awaits his chance to become king. Princess Elia, the eldest child of Queen Lyora of Rylasforn, sails across the Sigil Sea to meet Rozyn, in secret. The two share a bond seldom seen, and pledge themselves to one another. As the sun sets on another day…their world begins to change… Will the passion of a young prince be enough? Will the hope of a young princess survive? Darkness shrouds the land. The strong rise. The weak fall. Ancient arts are brought to light once more. A shadowy organization answers the call of duty. The winds of change create the first part of a story long forgotten…now to be told. For the choices made during this time will have an effect that ripples down through generations.

Statement of Facts cover.jpg

Statement of Facts: State v. Casteel, by Franklin Trever Casteel

On a hot day in July 1988, Frank Casteel and his wife planned an outing on property they had recently acquired atop Signal Mountain in Tennessee. They would be celebrating their wedding anniversary.Several years later, that day’s events would be rewritten. Despite crime scene contamination, a complete lack of evidence, and a span of missteps and misconduct by investigators and prosecutors, Frank would be charged and eventually wrongfully convicted of a triple homicide. In Statement of Facts, learn the truth about the circumstances and aftermath of the Signal Mountain Murders. Follow the failure of justice for the families of the victims, the injustices heaped on Frank Casteel, and his 20-year fight for his freedom.

Plans That Made God Laugh, by Jim Allen.jpg

Plans That Made God Laugh, by CAPT Jim “Bluto” Allen, USN (Ret)
Military Writers Society of America 2020 Finalist

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”
My plan: As long as I can remember, I wanted to fly airplanes for a living.
I faced more obstacles than usual to get this dream accomplished. Through a lot of faith and perseverance, I finally accomplished my dream.
I lost my dad, who was also a pilot, at an early age.  From humble beginnings in a semi-rural city in Kansas, I worked to get a degree in Aerospace Engineering, left the Midwest, and flew as a back-seater in a Navy carrier-based jet.
With obstacle after obstacle, I forged my own path, convincing the Navy to let me fly “spy planes” as a pilot and becoming an instructor for new Navy and Marine aviators.
In the aftermath of 9/11, I had a number of struggles to keep pursuing the dream. It took a lot of soul-searching and continuous reinvention.
But after many crushing defeats and unexpected victories, and combat experiences in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, I finally realized my dream of flying as a commercial airline pilot at age 47.
Plans that Made God Laugh is my story.  I’m the little guy with the big dream.
It’s an example of what you can do, with God’s help, if you put your mind to it.

Disciples of Orb, by Marshall Cobb.jpg

The Disciples of the Orb, Book 2 in the Ascendancy series, by Marshall Cobb
**Also see Marshall’s other books below**

At age thirteen, Peter Davidson now has more power than any other human on the planet. Unfortunately for Peter, this power comes from the alien, Orb, who is reshaping Earth and its inhabitants to fit his vision of perfection. Peter and his friends are conflicted. Do they continue to serve Orb, decimate the world’s human population and remove the last bits of free will left on the planet, or should they risk it all and use the powers they have been given to attempt to overthrow their new master? If Orb discovers their plot, it is certain death for Peter, his friends, and their families. If they instead support Orb, it will cost the lives of billions more – and time is already running out. If you like an action packed, sci-fi, fantasy adventure, then you’ll love this series!

Lordsbane Tales Book 1, by Cameron Benham.jpg

Promises: Book 1 of The Lordsbane Tales, by Cameron Benham

What is the Lordsbane?
To some it is a burden, to others a curse. While, for others, it is a promise. A promise to the Lanosean people, its knights and its kingdom.
I would like for you to take a moment and imagine with me. You are a young squire, training to be a knight in the Lanosean army. One day the Princess and her guardian announce that you will accompany them to the neighboring kingdom of Drivitar, to wed her and the Drivish Prince. What would you do? What would you think?
For Lorthwyn, that announcement has become reality. But he isn’t exactly excited to be a part of this journey. Still, he has made a promise. And he will see it through. Along the way he and his companions will be pushed to their limits. They must find the strength to push back against things no one could have accounted for. Dangers long thought extinct.
Will they succeed in completing their task? Will they be able to push beyond what they thought they were able to do? Will they be able to keep their promise to their Princess?

Winter Wonderland Extinguishment Cover.jpg

Winter Wonderland Extinguishment (Atalan Asides Book 1), by R M Hamrick
**Also see the Chasing and Atalan Adventures series, below**

It was the night before the contest and all through the ship, all the creatures were stirring, because of a mouse.
The crew of the Atalanta Empress never expected to revisit the planet they virtually destroyed with their inadvertent deposit of perpetually pregnant rodents, fertisrats – but here they are.
In the first government-sanctioned killing contest, the Atalanta Empress crew are favorites to win. The cash prize might keep their ship afloat for another heavily mortgaged month.
However, these aren’t the same fertisrats they’ve killed en confetti-flying masse. They’ve evolved, and this new challenge stems from a deeply disturbing cosmic force.
Clearly, everything is fine.
The first in a series of non-canonical asides, Winter Wonderland Extinguishment is a short story filled with confetti, entrails, and a premature ice age – just like holidays with the family.

American Mutt, by Scott Falcon cover.jpg

American Mutt, by Scott Falcon
**Amazon Top Ten Bestseller in Political Thrillers and Three Other Categories**

A maverick journalist with a black hole past uncovers an invisible cabal bent on destroying American sovereignty. When five public figures vanish, the journalist becomes the hunted, so he goes on the run to find his anonymous deep source. But when the kidnapper emerges online, there is no record of him ever existing–and nothing is what it seems.
Beta readers predict a top 10 political thriller. Readers who love CIA action, America collapse fiction, vigilante fiction and vigilante love stories, will want to add AMERICAN MUTT to their must-read list. Also readers of thriller CIA dramas about the overthrow of the government will be fans of this new crime novel by Scott Falcon.

AI Anthology Cover.jpg

Author Fred Shernoff’s Atlantic Island Universe: A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Anthology

Enter the Atlantic Island Universe, an anthology of stories introducing new elements of the worlds protected by the MMEA! 
Mosaics: Shattered, by Dawn Dagger
A high school student in the near future has his difficult life turned upside down when a young woman appears out of nowhere and asks him to help save the world.
Odyssey: The Fated Ones, by AJ Kurtz
A woman recovering from a breakup with her girlfriend begins to travel in her dreams. She attracts the attention of the MMEA, and learns there might be more to the breakup than she realized. 
Manifest Destiny, by LaLa Leo
A secret research base below Atlantic Island holds survivors of the Event. Trapped for months in their watery prison, the residents of the Ophiuchus must decide if the greatest threat is to leave or stay.
The Guardian: Reflections, by Rennie St. James
A young man returns from Atlantic Island, but his memories won’t fade and he can’t readjust to normal life. He learns the answers he seeks may be hidden in the ruins of the Maya civilization.
Featuring a sample of the upcoming Atlantic Island: Multiverse Academy by Fredric Shernoff!

The Feed, by Frank Tupta.jpg

The Feed, by Frank Tupta

“A study conducted by one of our followers has shown Feed is addicting. With any luck, we could be the next cigarettes.”
In a small zoo in silicon valley, revolution is at hand. The human race has left the planet in shambles, and now it’s up to the animals to save the world. It’s the dying wish of the old lion to create a way for the best and brightest to connect to solve the world’s problems with three simple rules.
1. No Cost 
2. Freedom of Speech 
3. Complete Transparency
The animals change the world forever with their social network, THE FEED. But what happens when the animals take over the zoo? An homage to George Orwell’s 1945 political satire ANIMAL FARM, THE FEED brings social media into the animal kingdom.

Atalan Adventures Book 1 Cover.jpg

Rats and Bolts: Atalan Adventures Book 1, by R M Hamrick
**Also see the Chasing series, below**

In a universe of opportunities, Captain Frankie and the crew of the Atalanta Empress are coming up empty.
Their day started off OK, but a giant ship attacked their little ship; they lost their jobs to a gimmicky transport scheme; and their mechanic quit after they crash-landed on a planet overrun with an invasive rodent species.
OK, the rodents might be their fault.
The capture of a Kieron fugitive on the planet could finance their escape. Unfortunately, she’s a cunning saboteur, innovative thief, and simply, way out of the crew’s league.
Can Frankie lead an Earth widow augmented to carry heavy things, an unruly second-in-command, and two triplets with freaky mind powers on a venture beyond delivering tea towels? Or will they be devoured by space rats?
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy meets Guardians of the Galaxy in the first Atalan Adventures novella fueled by perpetually pregnant animals, passive-aggressive phone calls, and proponents of the Millennial Gratification Project.

Atalan Adventures 2 Cover.jpg

Return to Sender: Atalan Adventures Book 2, by R M Hamrick

Losing their jobs to IT!™ is one thing.
Losing grasp of known reality is another.
Trapped in subspace, the Atalanta Empress floats outside regular space-time — and into the middle of a multidimensional smuggling operation.
It has IT!™’s name written all over it. Seriously, it’s stamped on the boxes.
As captain, Frankie decides to hide from the shenanigans, until the psychic triplets hear from their sister. She’s in trouble, and time — regular time — is of the essence.
Revealing their ship to IT!™ becomes their only option for a speedy rescue. This action could cost them their lives, but continuing to hide could mean possibly losing a triplet, and definitely dying of boredom.
If there were rocks and hard places in subspace, the Atalanta Empress would at least have a view.
The second Atalan Adventures novella features non-automatic automatic doors, phosphenes, and a blatant disregard for emergency savings.

Book 3 Cover.jpg

Planetary Pursuit: Atalan Adventures Book 3, by R M Hamrick

Quantum space is a tricky thing, especially if you’re doing the tricking.
Things are looking up for Captain Frankie and the crew of the Atalanta Empress. First, they’ve returned to the mostly empty, vastly limiting, and highly loved regular spacetime. Second, they landed a new job (OK – ganked a new job) to finance their mission to save the triplets’ sister.
However, upon arrival, they find their destination on the auction block, and possibly on the brink of annihilation. The triplet’s disappearance is most definitely related, and the completion of the crew’s job only adds gasoline to the proverbial dumpster fire.
The crew will tackle planetary foreclosures, mathnasiums, and a cursory review of quantum entrapment to pull off a bizarre heist, the likes of which they’ve only seen on syndicated streaming.
The fates of a planet, its moon, and a triplet hang in the balance. On the flip side, if they succeed, this will be THE story they tell for years to come.
Join the Atalan crew for their next adventure, featuring Leebnez math jokes, multilevel asteroid-marketing schemes, and the future history of the Internet.


Invasive Festival Invasion: Atalan Adventures Book 4, by R M Hamrick

Turns out, owning a planet isn’t as easy as it sounds.
As a new co-owner of Hephaestus, Frankie’s dream of business-as-usual crashes when the planet doesn’t qualify for the Planetary Owners Association (POA), leaving the planet open to many dangers—including unsanctioned music festival companies.
The tribute festival, Pyre Festival, threatens to drown the planet in rainbow-colored hashtags, ruining any chance of POA-approval. The co-owners are desperate, and push Frankie to use her most dangerous and nonsensical ability: X-ray vision.
Can over-stressed Frankie pull herself and her crew together to shut down the festival without the cunning use of radiation? Or will they pass out from drug-accelerated dehydration before they get the chance?
Setting off a new three-part adventure, Invasive Festival Invasion features social media dimension Mindspace, rigid compliance to the three-act structure, and a guy named Hashtag.


Living it up at Hotel Beramuda: Atalan Adventures Book 5, by R M Hamrick

You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.
When Frankie is abducted in a case of (hopefully) mistaken identity, the Atalanta Empress loses its captain and its crew loses its friend.
First mate Tarke is probably the least-equipped to command a ship – well, except for Gail, but we’re not going there. So it’s no surprise to anyone when they get stranded on the planet Beramuda.
Beramuda is a magnet for struggling ships, and stops for the night tend to drag on longer than anticipated. Will Tarke and her mildly mutinous crew escape the clutches of the Beramuda Triangle, where hardly anyone leaves? Or will Frankie fade to a distant memory on the shores of Kokomo?
Living It Up at Hotel Beramuda features a folk singer-songwriter, an Intergalactic Police station where everyone knows Tarke’s name, and a commercial-filled episode of Cat the Bounty Hunter.


The Promise of the Orb, Book 1 in the Ascendancy series, by Marshall Cobb
**Also see Will of the Hill books 1 and 2, below**

Peter Davidson’s short life has been a series of challenges.
The troubles began with the loss of his mother, something his father, Big Ed, has never overcome.
His brother, Eli, wants only to escape their hand-to-mouth farming existence for life in the big city. Now fate has decided to dry up the river that nourishes their farm.
Help comes from an unlikely source—a small, glowing Orb that Peter finds in the river bed.
Orb claims the world was once awash in peace and prosperity under his rule. He needs Peter’s help to regain his power and his throne. In return, Orb will cure all that ails Peter, his family, and the world.
Peter joins the quest to help Orb and discovers along the way that there are many different versions of the truth—and very few things in this, or any world, that are purely good.
Full of nonstop action, suspense, and adventure, this novel is sure to move readers as much as it thrills.
Fans of Marissa Meyer, Suzanne Collins, and Madeleine L’Engle will love The Promise of The Orb.

Magic Book Atlantic Island Divided cover.jpeg

The Magic Book, by bestselling author Fredric Shernoff
**Also see Vacancy and Omega Protocol, below**

When even immortals can die, will the truth survive?
For hundreds of years, Nathaniel lived as the last of the Great Ones, protecting the normals and obeying the rules of the Authority within the walls of the world.
A chance discovery of an ancient book in the woods will lead Nathaniel to question everything he’s been told about the world.
What is the magic book that speaks of a world strangely like our own? And what powers does it hold? Nathaniel will try to answer these questions and more as he scales the wall into the hellfire he’s always been told lies beyond.
To turn back would be to live a lie. To move forward means almost certain death.
Action, Humor and Fantasy merge in a magical story found in the Atlantic Island Multiverse. .

The Unbound, by Joseph Paradis.jpg

The Unbound: Saving the Dark Side Book 3, by Joseph Paradis
**Also see Books 1 and 2, The Swindlers and the Squall, and Her Gift, For You**

The Dark Side has fallen.
All three Harbingers have been crowned. Sorronis, Decreath, and Grotton once again walk among the innocent, plaguing Aeneria with unprecedented suffering as they strive to unlock the aethers. The Sill remains as Aeneria’s last candle of hope against the rising of the Shadow Tide.
With their masters out of the fight and The Sill weaker than ever, it is now up to Cole and his friends to don the mantle of Unbound and deliver Aeneria from The Three’s deadly embrace. They must become more than themselves, and succeed where Chiron, Roth, and Alvani failed. They strike out to the farthest reaches of Aeneria, exploring lands exotic and uncharted while recruiting warriors for their cause. Yet wherever their missions take them, they find whisperings of something foul stalking every step they take.

The Swindlers and the Squall Cover.jpg

The Swindlers and the Squall: a Saving the Dark Side Origin Book, by Joseph Paradis
**Also see Books 1 through 3, and Her Gift, For You**

Love is life’s greatest risk.
This is a story of Varka, the most prolific thief Aeneria has ever known. With the aid of magic, Varka has spent the majority of his life scouring the Light Side, pilfering and fencing everything within his broad horizon; gems, precious artwork, forgotten secrets, and beautiful lies.
His thieving career brings him to the heist of a lifetime, a luxury ship of unmatched speed and rare quality. Aeneria’s Light Side is as warm as it is naive, and beneath its veneer of safety lies a perfect vulnerability— Magic only exists in the fringes of campfire legends; yet Varka is from the Dark Side, which means he is most adept in the craft. Just like every other job, there should be no one who could stop him from pulling off this, his greatest heist. No one at all, unless there happened to be a better thief lying in wait. One who happened to have her sights set on the same ship.


Distance Learning Secrets, by E. Danica Lovell
**5 Stars, Readers’ Favorite Award**

If you’re a working adult who’s going back to school for the first time in years, you may be worried about trying to balance everything and keep up with your classmates.
This short, practical handbook covers everything you need to know about perfecting your approach to distance learning. From “to-don’t” lists to stripped schedules, automation and a laser focus on which tasks to tackle first, effective time management is vital when you’re undertaking an online education program. As an MBA graduate and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Lovell is a time management expert passionate about distance learning and productivity. In Distance Learning Secrets: Study and Succeed Online Lovell shares the insights she’s developed throughout her career.
Whether you’re a new or existing student, this book will make it easier than ever before to live your dreams and achieve your full potential.
Why put it off any longer? Start studying and succeeding today!


Vacancy, by bestselling author Fredric Shernoff
**Also see Omega Protocol, below**

It’s been waiting thirty years.
Fifteen-year-old Dylan never thought he’d spend his summer break trying to survive. When new girl Emma uncovers a mysterious lot in a quiet town, a long hidden, horrifying secret will be unleashed, and lives will be changed forever.
You’ll love this mysterious adventure across time and space.

Inertia_Thomas Burns FINAL ebook cover.jpg

Inertia, by Thomas Burns
**Also see the prequel Equilibrium, below**

Most people live in a state of inertia, comfortable with the way things are until something unexpected intervenes to force a change. Professors Nick Kremer and Katie Walsh know that all too well.
The two, hailed as heroes for uncovering a diabolical terror plot, want life to return to the way it was before. Nick, however, finds his fifteen minutes of fame can’t prevent other unfortunate pieces of his past from coming to light. Feeling betrayed by the man she thought she knew, Katie chooses a different path – one that doesn’t include him. While her new journey is one of service and self-discovery, Nick regresses into a familiar sea of self-loathing and isolation.
As their lives go in different directions, the hidden world of international diplomacy frees a terrorist mastermind who is soon carrying out another horrific attack which stuns the world. Leaving a trail of utter devastation where communication is virtually nonexistent, the attack makes finding any loved ones almost unthinkable. Although Katie and Nick are on divergent paths, these unexpected events force them to change direction again. That is the essence of inertia.
The sequel to Equilibrium, Inertia weaves in a mix of real-world events and remarkable technological achievements we accept as parts of our daily lives. An ingenious thriller, Inertia will have readers thinking not only about the story’s twists and turns but also our simplistic confidence in the technology we depend on daily. Maybe inertia has taken hold of us as well.

Chasing a Lead Cover.jpg

Chasing a Lead, by R M Hamrick
prequel to the Chasing trilogy. Also see the Chasing trilogy, below!**

Every journalist seeks out the story of a lifetime, but Lisa’s story might put an end to hers.
Tasked with yet another fluff piece praising healthcare company Lysent Corp, headstrong Lisa Pearson feels more like a public relations specialist than a newspaper reporter. But when she receives inside information suggesting a nefarious connection between the company and recent viral outbreaks, Lisa sets out to uncover the truth.
The Zari virus is sweeping the country. In its wake, panic and rumors of violence emerge. Lisa will do anything to break this story – her life and countless others are at stake – but who will believe her?
Set years before Audra and Chasing a Cure, Chasing a Lead is an investigative thriller with a zombie headline. Devour this short story today.

The Harbingers, by Joseph Paradis.jpg

The Harbingers: Saving the Dark Side Book 2, by Joseph Paradis
**Also see Books 1 and 3, and the origin books**

The war for the Aethers has only just begun.
Cole and his friends escaped the terror in Costas. However, even with all their skill and powers, they failed to stop the Devotion. While fleeing across the far reaches of Aeneria, they answer the summons of the Celestial Council within Oberon Temple, who demand that The Sill account for their war crimes, and that Cole answer for his own transgressions.
With one Harbinger crowned and the other two soon to fllow, the shadow of The Three grows darker by the day, bringing new enemies and unexpected challenges for Cole and his friends. Cole has become a powerful warrior, but he simply isn’t enough. If Aeneria is to have any hope of surviving the second coming of The Three, he must delve further than anyone before him into Aeneria’s ancient magics.

cover for book 8.jpg

Chokepoint: Up From the Depths Book 8, by J.R. Jackson
**Also see Books 1 – 7 below!**

This is the way one world ends.
The SEALs of Shark Platoon, having recovered President Wood and his wife from a black site, now face another task; get POTUS to safety. Hounded at every turn, the SEALs are engaged in a running battle against forces intent on reclaiming what was taken from them.
ODA-141, the Outlaws, have reached their objective, the DHS communication facility, only to discover there’s more involved than just flipping a switch. Lines of corrupt code are preventing surviving military units from contacting each other. What’s worse, within those lines of code, someone is monitoring their every move. With threats on all sides, no support or reinforcements, the Outlaws could be facing their very own Alamo.
In the Gulf Coast, Warrant Office Dayna Doyle and former DEA agent Levi Bennett make a decision to board and explore the strange US Navy vessel moored off-shore. The vessel has been the center of attention for an unknown force and they want to know why. What they uncover could change the war against the infected forever.
The MAG, now at their primary fall-back site, is now faced with a significant obstacle for their prolonged survival. A decision needs to be made: remain in place or search for another location.
Jim Morrison, a survivor from Idaho Falls, sets out to find his family and friends. Along the way, he attempts to piece together what happened to him. When he finds someone who might be able to help, the situation radically changes.
In a world where survival is rated in minutes, chaos reigns supreme.
Welcome to the apocalypse.

Darkness of Dawn, by Braden Michael.jpg

The Darkness of Dawn, Book One, by Braden Michael

The World of Dawn is harsh and merciless. Its inhabitants must be harsher and far less merciless themselves if they hope to survive the fire that will yearn to consume them.
World Wars among the major nations, incredibly volatile and unimaginably dangerous precursor Artifacts, unforgiving environmental conditions, and power-hungry usurpers threaten the existences of Asher, Vaishalla, Black Eyes, Alexey, and Viktor. All of them are worlds apart, but their journeys are equally thrilling, brutal, and dramatic.
Asher must fight to preserve the empire he is next in line for, and Vaishalla must fight for the survival of herself and her subjects. Black Eyes must keep his promises and stay alive as he is thrown into suicide mission after suicide mission. Alexey and Viktor must survive the brutal Rite of the Winterguard. Will they become as harsh and merciless as necessary to survive the World of Dawn?

Will of the Hill, by Marshall Cobb.jpg

Will of the Hill, by Marshall Cobb

Secrets, dysfunctional friendships, a girl who wants destroy him-or is in love with him–what’s a boy to do?
Will wants nothing more than quiet time to read his comic books. Unfortunately, between the mountain he must conquer every day to get to school, the teacher who is out to get him, and the girl who wants to ruin his life, his time is anything but quiet.
Humorous, fun adventure!

Will of the Hill 2, by Marshall Cobb.jpg

Will of the Hill: Up, Up and Around, by Marshall Cobb

A mysterious rope dangles behind the school. Punishment for the Gertrude party melt-down is imposed on all involved (who must now join the debate team and compete against their bitter rivals, The Brown Baggers).
An elaborate plan is hatched, but it only works if Will keeps a secret for the first time in his life. Should Will keep this secret?
Can Will and his group of friends use debate team practice as a way to get up The Hill? What awaits them if they do?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is zurkerx-by-eric-haluska.jpg

Zurkerx, by Eric Haluska

The Constitutional Empire of Zurkerx has become the strongest nation economically, militarily, and politically in Zentari through arduous work and self-preservation. With its newfound power, the Empire establishes itself as a superpower, proclaiming itself the protector of Natural Rights. Marcus Huns, the Supreme Commander of the Empire, has been tasked with maintaining this status. His leadership has proven exceptional as he upholds peace and stability within the Empire.
But his leadership and resolve will be tested when an organization known as the Gewerksma and its insurgents threaten this stability; their will guided by defiance and their ideology. They will make one final push to change the Empire to fit their ideals, their narrative. Yet, the threat they pose will also expose deep flaws within Marcus, conflicts he must quickly resolve before the enemy strikes and undoes everything the Empire has built.
Zurkerx is a social-science fiction novel based on a nation created from the online roleplaying game NationStates. Taking place within a vast world known as Zentari and other nations, the novel begins this epic saga with the land’s most powerful country, exploring the fabrics of this complex society. RP gamers, sociopolitical fiction buffs and sci-fi fans in general will love Zurkerx. Pick up a copy today and enter the fight to save the nation!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is phoenix-cover.jpg

The Phoenix and the Flames, by Brendan Landry

Wanted by the same government he helped to end the resource war, Robert Phoenix lives a solitary life in the post-war woodlands reclaimed by nature. But when he is tracked down and given an ultimatum, he finds he has little choice except to return to the HIVE city of New Amsterdam to clear his name. Little does he know, a chance encounter with a would-be thief would put them both on a path filled with discovery, death, and destruction. Will Robert rise from the ashes, or burn with the flames?The Phoenix and the Flames is the first installment in the Prometheus series. It is an action-packed adventure that takes places in an alternate, yet strangely familiar dystopian world. The tale follows Robert as he battles mysteries, deception, and unknown enemies on his quest to freedom. With thrills around every corner, The Phoenix and the Flames is sure to keep you on your toes!

Jerusalem Chamber, by M Herman.jpg

Jerusalem Chamber, by J. Santangelo and Michael Herman

In antiquities, Madeline thought making it big was everything.
Arrogantly deaf, she is a rare American Archeologist who, at the early age of twenty-six, is about to achieve star status after discovering an artifact secretly protected for millenniums by families of the Judaic First & Second Temple; an artifact so powerful, mere contact with it is life-changing.
But when terrorism orphans a deaf child dear to her, she drops everything to redefine herself around the child and establish a family; something never considered until now.
In an earthquake-ravaged Jerusalem, against the background of renewed terrorist warfare, against an antiquated, politicized legal system blind to the needs of an orphaned deaf child, and with her hearing boyfriend conscripted to her cause, Madeline must decide between career celebrity and international fugitive status with her hiding under an assumed identity to protect her young charge.
The choice is easy, but the outcome isn’t.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bloodgood-messiah-cover.jpg

Bloodgood Messiah, by J. Santangelo and Michael Herman

Yachunne Ade K’okshi of the Anshi Annodine is his given Zuni name, but you can call him Moon. Sent back in time to the land and era of the white man’s Christian Messiah, he is tasked with tracking down and neutralizing a woman called Mary who has been  kidnapped by a time-traveling Reader of what some whisper is the mythical and powerful Ark of the Covenant.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bloodgood-resurrection-by-m-herman1.jpg

Bloodgood Resurrection, by J. Santangelo and Michael Herman

Within the walls of the 1st century, Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, worship, and ritual thrive openly.
As time travelers from the 21st century, the Bloodgoods find their fates inexplicably bound to a long-held secret of the 1st century Temple as they flee for their safety into a forbidden underworld deep beneath the Jewish Holy site.
Confronted with the bones of others who have died in the tunnels, they realize that what was refuge may instead be doom.
Yet, below the Temple lies the key to a secret beyond history; a secret of birth, death, enlightenment and escape.

Marie Louise Cover.jpg

Marie Louise, by Mieke van Poll

Adventurous at heart and complex by nature, but chained by the time she lives in, Marie Louise struggles with being a wife and mother. Her constant yearning for new experiences, life lessons and – frankly – men gets her into trouble over and over again. Louise is known for her intelligence, her witty remarks and lovable character. But her constant willingness to let her domestic life and family collapse belies an impending drama. It seems as though nothing and no one will ever be good enough for Louise, or to keep her in one place forever. This becomes even clearer when she meets Jack, a humble, sometimes moody but congenial RAF pilot. Louise falls head over heels in love with him, and sets up a plan to get involved with this man, no matter the consequences.

Omega Protocol.jpg

Omega Protocol, (Atlantic Island Trilogy Book 3) by Fredric Shernoff

36 Hours.
The shocking events that ended Rising Tide continue into the final book of the Atlantic Island Trilogy! Daniel and Thomas of “The Traveler” have arrived on the island with dire news: the multiversal policing agency has enacted the Omega Protocol- a plan to annihilate the island and all its inhabitants!
Theo, Kylee and the other survivors will set out on a journey through time and the multiverse to find the key to stopping the MMEA and saving the people of Atlantic Island for good.

The Luck Theory, by Erik Hamre.jpg

The Luck Theory, by Erik Hamre

John, an esteemed professor in experimental mathematics, is working on a ground-breaking new theory when he wins the lotto jackpot. Twenty-four hours later he is dead and the question is: Who killed him?
We follow Sean, a retired Special Forces veteran, in his quest to hunt down his brother’s killer before he ends up in jail, or in a coffin himself. But in order to be successful Sean has to confront a past he has long tried to forget.
Three years earlier, Sean introduced John to some government agents. That introduction ruined a lot of people’s lives, including Sean’s.
Will John’s death provide Sean an opportunity to finally redeem himself, or will it lead to his ultimate downfall?

Corrupting Alicia, by Evan Tsoukalas.jpg

Corrupting Alicia, by Evan Tsoukalas

“A fledgling will resist blood more easily than trouble.”
Arrogance and ignorance are common traits among fledgling vampires. After his conversion, Jason developed an unrivaled talent for creating trouble and unleashing it on anyone in his blast radius, mortal and revenant alike.
That talent is never more evident than the night he finds his mortal meal being stalked by a pair of hired thugs, and he goes from predator to protector. After that brutal intervention, things get even bloodier, and his choices place him at violent odds with his immortal lover Gisele, and alienate the Ekhaya that he reluctantly rules.
To Alicia, the young woman he’s saved, Jason represents the power to destroy the man who wants her dead, and she is willing to sacrifice anything, or anyone, at the altar of that power. As they explore a relationship born of predatory mayhem and nurtured by quiet rage, they tread a path of carnage and corruption that will claim lives –– quite possibly including their own.


Hello, my name is James and I’m an alcoholic, by James K Kearney

Hello, my name is James and I’m an alcoholic is a book based on true events, and is entirely politically incorrect, irreverent, vulgar and profane and well, brutally honest. It follows a troubled young man’s struggle with alcoholism, drug abuse, depression and suicidal tendencies. It also follows his long-suffering mother, who has to watch her son’s physical and mental health deteriorate in front of her very eyes. The story has everything a story should have: it will make you laugh, cry and think. It will make you think twice about judging an alcoholic, drug addict or anyone living rough. That’s if you do judge these kinds of people of course.
The story goes back and forth from telling the reader about James’s comfortable upbringing, living with a caring family and having fun at Christmas parties with his cousins, to how he somehow slipped into addiction and how strange people would catch his eye. The book contains very dark humour and sexual content. The characters vary from completely crazy to mildly strange to normal folk like James’s poor mother.
Some would compare James Kearney’s writing to that of Irvine Welsh or John Waters. He likes to mix dark vivid real life with the weird and wonderful..

Girl Gone Rogue cover.jpg

Girl Gone Rogue, by Forrest Kane

Psychosis. Delusions. Hallucinations. Fragmented memories. Any fans of Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train, or Before I Go to Sleep will love this new psychological thriller! Waking up in a psych ward with little memory of her past, Iraq veteran Dominique Wolfe must come to terms with her demons as she works through her troubling, psychotic history. Dominique is unsure if she can trust her own mind: it has been tainted by several bad choices she has made since coming home from deployment. As flashbacks help her begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together, Dominique realizes that things are not always as they seem.

Game of the Gods - Rebirth.jpg

Game of the Gods: Rebirth, by L Fergus

1st Place Blue Rose Awards 2017; 2nd Place Iron Lace Awards 2017; 1st Place Lilac Awards 2017; Paper Plane Awards 2017 Finalist; and First Place Holo Awards Action/Adventure 2017!

Kita has been stripped mind, body, and soul, and imprisoned in a city where she has no idea who she is. A fateful meeting with an old rival awakens a part of her mind that’s been locked away for over a decade. Now, she must escape the clutches of her jailer, General Lyakhova. To do this she’ll enlist a new group of friends on an adventure that will take her into the unknown regions of our galaxy and beyond.

Chasing a Cure Cover.jpg

Chasing a Cure, by R M Hamrick

Everyone’s lost someone to the outbreak, but Audra has a chance to get back the only family she has left.
With zombies roaming the country and survivors huddling in small townships, the cure developed by the Lysent Corporation is an afterthought. Too little, too late for most.
Not for Audra. She sees it as a chance to save her sister, Belinda, lost to her in this new world. Unable to afford the pricey antiviral, she offers Belinda as collateral and signs up as a tagger, finding people’s wandering zombie family members to be cured. If she delivers on the steep tagging quota, Lysent will cure Belinda.
Or, so the corporation says.
Time proves the system is slanted against them and Audra entertains another offer – a cure in return for bolstering a rebellion. Audra will fight tooth and limb to reach her sister, but if she doesn’t successfully navigate the new world of the power-hungry and the dead, she could lose her to either side.
Would you start a revolution to save your sister? Chase down zombies and hard choices in this page-turner that will leave you reeling.

Chasing Redemption, by R M Hamrick.jpg

Chasing Redemption, by R M Hamrick

Audra escaped the clutches of Lysent Corp, but a new enemy threatens her freedom. Promising to cure anyone infected with the zombie virus, Audra builds her rebel community outside Lysent Corp’s grasp and proclaimed safety. But their group realizes just how small they are when they meet Jack and Jill, who lead an army of zombie soldiers. When the two kidnap one of Audra’s scientists to progress their experiments, Audra will risk her life and the fledgling community’s future to save her friend. A gripping dystopian, Chasing Redemption is the second book in the world of zombies, antivirals, and corporate greed. Continue RM Hamrick’s thrilling chase today.

Chasing Extinction, by R M Hamrick.jpg

Chasing Extinction, by R M Hamrick

Die together or die alone.

At the brink of war, Osprey Point might first collapse from within as the final wave of the z-virus sweeps through the community.
While Audra resolves to upend Lysent corp without the aid of others, Lysent singles her out too. They target her forgotten zombie tags for collection. People she found and did not help.
Audra must face long-standing mistakes and gather her shattered community for a final move – one that will prevent humanity’s fall or accelerate it toward extinction.
A gripping dystopian, Chasing Extinction is the final book in the world of zombies, epidemics, and corporate greed.
Finish RM Hamrick’s thrilling chase today.

Her Gift, For You cover.jpg

Her Gift, For You, by Joseph Paradis

He felt a twinge of sorrow for her, for the pain she was about to live through.

Florien is a man known for both his generosity and debauchery. By day, Florien can be found patronizing the local shops, leaving hefty tips and happy patrons in his wake. People adore him, but people are stupid. They have no clue what horrors Florien commits at night, what his real job is. If they ever knew his dark secret they would Hate him as much as he Hates himself. In this short story you will uncover Florien’s shame by following him through a day in his life.

Saving the Dark Side Book 1 - The Devotion cover.jpg

The Devotion (Book 1 of the Saving the Dark Side trilogy), by Joseph Paradis

If you’re looking for fairy tales and happy endings, seek your solace elsewhere.

Cole was three when he first went missing. He repeatedly vanished for days on end, only to appear back in his bed where his mother left him. The problem was slow to fade, so he grew up isolated from anyone who might get close enough to learn his secret.
By high school the vanishings have all but stopped, and Cole is finally free to claim a life of normalcy. But when faced with a deadly encounter, a mysterious presence appears and takes him away. For good.
He finds himself on Aeneria, an exotic world inhabited by giants, demons, and magic. Cole’s arrival reignites an ancient war and unleashes three evil gods, threatening not only Aeneria, but Earth itself. His only hope lies within a sect of warriors who show him the ways of magic, and for the first time in his life, friendship.
In order to save this world and his own, Cole must temper himself in the fires of nightmares, all while trying to find his place in a world where he doesn’t belong.

Messenger's Soliloquy Cover.jpg

Messenger’s Soliloquy (Book 1 of the Aliens, Tequila & Us Saga), by Michael Herman

It should have been the best day of young Messenger’s life when Soliloquy, his secret crush, pressed her lips to his for the first time. Instead, when three alien craft suddenly appear in the sky and destroy his family’s Organic Tequila Distillery and Ice Caves farm and home, his day turns into a nightmare.
After fleeing for their lives into the ice caves, Messenger discovers that not only have his parents been expecting and preparing for this eventuality, but the invaders are the vanguard of a celestial event that will irrevocably wipe out most life on Earth, giving the aliens a clean slate to repopulate the world in their image.
All the aliens have to do is destroy humanity’s ancient protective entity that is buried beneath his family’s farm below the ice caves.
All his family has to do is thwart them.
All he has to do is survive the day.
No problem.
If you are interested in alien creatures, tequila, mass extinction events, speaking in tongues, evolution theories, survivalist families, agave farms, the Anza Borrego Desert, underground caves, family mysteries, panic rooms, Bob Ted Carol and Alice, first love, avatars, sniper rifles, bats, bat guano, and orchids, then this is the book for you.

Girl With All the Pain Cover.jpg

Girl with all the Pain (Book 4 of the Aliens, Tequila & Us Saga), by Michael Herman

Ten-year-old Isabel occupies very little space in the world. Hiding in plain sight, she travels along edges. Orphaned and unwanted, some whisper she is a Mapuche witch. But to the local boys, she is a rite of passage.
Slap her. Make her fear you. If you want to join the gang, then hold onto her for a count of thirty long, painful seconds. Endure the electric bite of her fright, like the shock of an eel but with lingering nightmares, screams in your head, visions of terrible times gone by. But you’re in the gang now. You are a man.
Until one afternoon on the roof of an abandoned building, little Isabel changes all that and suddenly the gang is no more.
She is homeless and hunted, until an encounter with her doppelganger results in sanctuary and knowledge for her–at the price of innocence lost where she is plunged into an ongoing struggle between two alien entities, a struggle that has been in the making for millenniums.
Who she is, what she is, why she is here, and what she can become, are all vital to the evolutionary progress of mankind.
If you are interested in mass extinction events, Chinchorro mummies, alien creatures, tequila, Pisco Sours, Very Large Telescopes, foreign tongues, evolution theories, witchcraft beliefs, Santiago Chile, underground caves, vineyards, million-dollar concept bikes, interstellar space travel, abandoned mines, the Atacama Desert, Russian ATVs, Nazi Lebensborn, predictions of future times, earthquakes, orchids, avatars, and people with mutant powers, then this is the book for you.

Ode to the Darkest Days, by M Ryan Hollows .jpg

Ode to the Darkest Days: Origins (Book 1), by M. Ryan Hollows

The Epic Fantasy story of a humble man named Astinos, who finds himself saddled with a task and a destiny by a powerful messenger. Astinos is charged with fending off an invasion of dark beings. But he is far from sure of himself. Yet events soon push him forward regardless, shattering the simple life he shared with his beloved Milena. Eventually, he comes to meet many different people, some enemies and some allies. Of them all, the most prominent is Veronica, a young but powerful warrior who has mysteries and trials of her own to deal with.
Survival— it seems like that’s the best anyone can hope for, and even that’s a hard thing to achieve. But maybe there’s a way to fight back— a way to win. Can anyone survive? Come be a part of an epic fantasy world, ‘built from the ground up,’ where the nature of darkness and light is far more complex than it may first appear. Experience the hardships of existing in a world where peril is imminent, and hope seems a hard thing to find, and even harder to hold on to, where the true nature of yourself, as well as those around you, is discovered in some of the most unfortunate ways.


Hop Block, by Felipe Morris

Some people weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Some of us were forced, without training, to “be all we could be” in the underworld. Young chemist by nature, degrees were earned in the kitchen. Welcome to a place that feels like it is overlooked by God himself. A place where it is perfectly normal to feast on your own kind. They say life is what you make it, but what do you do when you are surrounded by death? As the world seems to crumble on their shoulders, several young men and women set out to change their fate.


Lying to Children, by Alex Shahla

A fictional father writes letters to his college-aged daughter and son remembering events, large and small, from their family’s past in the poignant and hilarious Lying to Children. This collection of sometimes outrageous, sometimes sad, often heartwarming interconnected vignettes features a delightful confessional celebration of family life told in stories from a dad’s unique perspective. Centered around the untruths parents regularly tell their kids in an effort to protect (or silence) them—from “Daddy Loves his Job” to “There’s a Jolly Fat Man who Brings You Presents (Assembly Required)” —Lying to Children is an unforgettable familial history filled with laughter, tears, and life lessons, and brimming over with a somewhat-less-than-perfect suburban dad’s unwavering love.

Book 6 cover.jpg

Secondary Objectives, Book 6 in J.R. Jackson’s Up from the Depths series

With humanity reeling from the protocols enacted to combat the spread of infection, old friends and new enemies emerge from the rubble of what was once civilization.
The New Earther Movement, assumed to be just unhinged refugees coping with the changed reality, is revealed to be something far more sinister.
Site R orders the SEALS of Shark Platoon to a devastated Cleveland to search for a group of specialists that could jumpstart recovery.  What’s left of ODA-141 is sent to look for a FEMA relay station to determine why it stopped functioning and if it can be repaired. Deep in the Great American Redoubt, the Outlaws encounter something they never expected.
Other survivors fight against the remaining infected to secure what’s left of the nation’s infrastructure in the hope that one day they can restore humanity.
Welcome to the Apocalypse.

Thunder Run JR Jackson.jpg

Thunder Run, Book 7 in J.R. Jackson’s Up from the Depths series

In the aftermath of the battle at Firebase Cascade, the new city council makes far-reaching decisions whose ramifications affect both 1st Group and Martin’s MAG.
Mecceloni, tracking and infiltrating the group he believes has taken Cassie, is forced to escape and evade after his actions expose him.
The SEALs of Shark Platoon, holed up inside the Emergency Operations Center in Ohio and forced to develop an unconventional plan to facilitate their escape, come to the realization the infected might be evolving.
The Outlaws of ODA-141, still on mission to the DHS communications site, encounter other survivors and make potential allies.
On the West Coast, USS Missouri flexes its muscles in support of an operation to secure a ship refit and resupply facility.
President Wood and his wife, abducted and imprisoned in a shadow government black site, make a daring escape resulting in a mind-blowing revelation and assistance from an unexpected source.
The world is in chaos as infection rules supreme.
Welcome to the apocalypse.

And announcing the newly edited, updated re-release of the Up from the Depths series, Books 1-5, by J.R. Jackson

Up From the Depths Book 1: Denial Measures, by J.R. Jackson

Book 1: Denial Measures

Where will you be when the world ends?
What will you do to save the lives of people you love?
When a genetically modified virus is released to eradicate the disease known as Man, survival is all that matters.
In the first book of this epic saga, follow the men of ODA-141, the Outlaws and the SEALs of Shark Platoon in this hard-hitting, real-world look at life before, during, and after an apocalyptic event.
With the world now inhabited by crazed cannibals, will Shark Platoon’s skills, training and experience be enough?
This is the way the world ended.

UFTD Book 2 Cover.jpg

Book 2: Acceptable Losses

Fight. Survive. Run! With the spread of the virus, governments collapse. The military chain of command is in chaos. Survivors search for a safe haven. But is any place safe when 99% of the world’s population has mutated into flesh-craving psychotics?

UFTD Book 3 Cover.jpg

Book 3: Collateral Damage

Welcome to the Apocalypse.
With the world in turmoil from the effects of the viral infection, chaos reigns supreme. Those that remain uninfected attempt to eke out a means of long-term survival while combating the hordes of infected.
ODA-141, The Outlaws, and what remains of 1st Group have established Firebase Cascade, a fortified safe haven.
The SEALs of Shark Platoon, on a mission to rescue survivors, are forced into a pitched battle against the infected. Contact is made with an unlikely ally, but at a cost.
The Safeguard group ventures out to the City of Clovis with unexpected results. Caught up in a planned outbreak within the walled city, the group must fight their way to safety.
Is there anywhere safe when 99% of the world’s population has been turned into ravenous, flesh-craving psychotics?

UFTD Book 4 Cover.jpg

Book 4: Movement to Contact

Civilization is gone.
The world as we know it is over.
Staying alive is all that matters. Finding those responsible for the viral outbreak becomes paramount for the survivors. Bringing them to justice in this altered reality is another problem.
With the remnants of the United States government safe at Site R, the mission parameters have changed. ODA-141 and the SEALs of Shark Platoon receive orders to head north. Their target: Alaska. Somewhere in that frozen land lie the answers to the Reset Virus, and possibly a cure.
Elsewhere in the nation, survivors eke out an existence amid the chaos and barbarism wrought by the infected. With the threat of attack around every corner, the Safeguard group attempts to recover vital supplies from the walled city of Clovis.
At RMA Sandhurst, survivors are dealing with the aftermath of the infected attack.
Somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean, another group of survivors, using an unlikely form of transportation, heads to the west coast in hopes of finding sanctuary.
In this changed world, survival is not what it seems.

UFTD Book 5 Cover.jpg

Book 5: Defilade

Infection has encased the planet in a web of destruction, death and anarchy. Hordes of infected roam the cities seeking out those that were overlooked in the outbreak. The weak succumb while the strong fight back.
With limited options, governments resort to last-ditch efforts to stop the spread of the virus.
ODA-141, the SEALs of Shark Platoon and a company of Rangers are stranded in Alaska after a series of events forces them off course, and into the throes of a blizzard. On foot, with wounded, they must continue their mission no matter the cost.
The Safeguard group, after the second violent encounter with infected in Clovis, finds another group of survivors and another threat besides the ever-present infected.
The Missouri makes it to the west coast with its crew, only to find their target source for resupply overrun with hordes of the re-animated.
Sierra-3, the Forward Recon Team left on their own in New York City, must now formulate a plan to get all the survivors off Manhattan Island before it’s too late.

Jubali Cover .jpg

The Last Jubali, by Jes Sanders

Silah is sixteen years old and the scorn of Greenwell. She is a half-breed, the given-daughter of the strange woman who lives in Stillwell’s Woods, Moms Taproot. Silah has a Gift she can’t control.
The renewing season of Jubali is threatened when masked soldiers, led by a solitary woman in white, inexplicably attack and decimate Greenwell. The altar is demolished. The Elders are taken captive. Silah’s adoptive mother is killed by a mysterious assassin. Even worse, the Vessel is lost. Without the Vessel, Jubali cannot take place, the ageless cycle of renewal will end, and the land will turn to Blight.
Who attacked the small, perfect town of Greenwell, and why? Was it the psyentists, with their arcane, barely-legal practices? Could it be possible that a remnant of the Axis forces invaded? And what does the sentient mass of dark matter that came through the Veil have to do with all of this?
Silah doesn’t care any longer. Her only goal is to find the people responsible for killing her Moms and make them pay, even if it means that this could be the last Jubali.

Equilibrium, by Thomas Burns.jpg

Equilibrium, by Thomas Burns

At the end of another work week, people from all walks of life gather at the luxurious Grand Plaza Hotel in downtown Cincinnati for a Friday night of music, dancing, and drinking. The loss of equilibrium is the last thing they expect tonight.
Nick Kremer seems to have it all. Recently named a partner in his structural engineering firm, Nick is eyeing a golden future until a project he has designed fails, with catastrophic results. Government bureaucrats make Nick a scapegoat, leading to the disintegration of Nick’s firm, career, and more. With his entire life unraveling, Nick finds that bad choices lead to even darker consequences.
Eventually Nick opens up to an old friend and agrees to try a new career. As he settles into his new lifestyle, his world is rocked again when another engineering failure claims the life of that friend. Knowing from experience that government reports can be less than accurate, Nick feels obligated to find the real reasons for that failure. Launching his own investigation, Nick uncovers mysterious evidence and unwittingly involves a young professor in his search for the truth. Little does he know that his investigation will cause him to cross paths with those from his past and embroil him in a race against time to foil a crippling terror attack.

Code Name Crescent.jpg

Code Name: Crescent, by Paul Shadinger

Once again Matt Preston’s poker buddy taps him for his connections to solve a problem. Follow him through the labyrinth of his classified military service, roller coaster love life and a search for a missing daughter. Matt thought he had dealt with the problems from his past only to have them come back to haunt him again. He wonders if he needs to start thinking twice about attending poker night as the various parts of his clandestine past life and his present life collide to bring together another wild ride and fascinating tale.

Echelon Cover II.jpg

Echelon, by KKJacobs

Humans have been infertile for centuries.  A surprise conception could lead to the end of mankind…
Mirem was born in a government-run lab, much like the rest of humanity during the last 200 years.  In a world of infertility, Mirem has always been a little different. She married up into an elite family.  She has a secret lover named Garison whose stories and actions don’t always add up.  She also has strange symptoms that no one can understand…
When Mirem learns she’s the first pregnant woman in two centuries, she’s immediately quarantined under military lockdown.  With Garison’s help, she escapes the quarantine, but there are only so many places she can hide.  The government wants nothing more than to keep her pregnancy a secret, and its reason for doing so is more sinister than she ever could have imagined.  Mirem thought she was the answer to humanity’s biggest challenge… but instead, will she cause the extinction?
Echelon is a thought-provoking dystopian sci-fi novel.  If you like fast-paced technothrillers, page-turning plots, and suspense that makes you think, then you’ll love KKJacobs’ debut novel.  Buy Echelon to learn the key to humanity’s destiny today!

Dangerous Brains, by Erik Hamre.jpg

Dangerous Brains, by Erik Hamre

Andrew Kevorkian was once considered the poster boy for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. When he started Neuralgo Inc in 2005 he had already started and sold two billion-dollar businesses.
Neuralgo, however, would be very different.
It would be different from anything anyone had ever created….
One early morning in June 2015 the president of the United States was abruptly woken by his chief of staff. Something had gone terribly wrong with a science project deep in the Nevada desert.
This is the story about what happened.
This is the story of the day our world almost came to an end.
This is the story of Cronus.
If you want to know what keeps the brightest minds of our generation up at night, read this story.
Learn the name Cronus.

Surface Below - Dark Secrets Cover.jpg

The Surface Below: Dark Secrets, by Leeah M. Taylor

When their paths crossed, William and Becca couldn’t help but feel like they already knew each other. Their meeting, however, would set into motion the unraveling of 20-year-old secrets. Secrets to protect them and their siblings until the time was right. To awaken the rightful Heir and Heiress of the Bottom World.
Secrets, lies and betrayals leave the family divided, giving an unexpected enemy with a thirst for power, the opportunity to end it all.

49 Days, by Erik Hamre.jpg

49 Days, by Erik Hamre

49 Days is a fast-paced techno thriller that draws on extensive research into how the human brain functions, and how we perceive reality.
When a washed-up New Age psychologist from New York is being granted permission to start the first human DMT trials since the early 1990s, something goes terribly wrong.
The incident sets off alarm bells within a secret department of the CIA.
On the opposite side of the world a passenger jet explodes mid-air. Against all odds there is a survivor. When the secret division of the CIA learns the identity of the lone survivor, they dispatch a team to apprehend her.
The consequences of a highly secret black operation experiment, set in motion almost forty years earlier, is now finally coming back to haunt the agency.

Day 50, by Erik Hamre.jpg

Day 50, by Erik Hamre

The highly anticipated sequel to 49 Days picks up where the first book in the DMT series ended.
Nearly everyone thought the CIA had shut down MKULTRA in 1974. It had been a total disaster. Despite having consumed more than 6% of the CIA’s budget at its peak, no applicable scientific results were ever produced.
Or so the world thought.
Fast forward to 2015, and Cameron and Cody, the results of an MKULTRA project gone terribly wrong, are on the run in Mexico. But how does one stay hidden from one of the most powerful organisations in the world – the CIA? Simple answer: One doesn’t.
Read the fascinating story of how Cody and Cameron fight back against overwhelming odds and how, even in the darkest of moments, humanity is still able to surprise.

The Last Alchemist, by Erik Hamre.jpg

The Last Alchemist, by Erik Hamre

A professor from an Australian university has just completed a study into the causes of why some people strike it rich, whereas most others seem to struggle financially their entire lives. The results are eye-opening. To the professor’s great surprise, it appears that a person possessed this knowledge more than thirty years ago.
The professor offers David Dypsvik, a broke and frustrated MBA student, the chance to investigate the mysterious disappearance of one of the richest men in the world.
The billionaire disappeared shortly after having delivered a series of lectures about the ‘Principles of Wealth’ in 1973.
Why did he disappear and who was he? What was his secret?
The hunt for the billionaire’s true identity takes David on a roller coaster ride through history and the creation of wealth.
Nothing is as he thought.
Nobody is who they claim to be.

Tuna Life, by Erik Hamre.jpg

Tuna Life, by Erik Hamre

There are now more mobile phones in the world than people. Great new apps improve our lives almost daily. But do we always know what we download?
In 2013 TUNA LIFE became one of the fastest growing mobile apps in history. And for a brief moment it catapulted Australia and the Gold Coast into the limelight of the tech world.
But not all was good on the Gold Coast. Girls had been disappearing for years…..
Andrew Engels, a bored accountant, has an epiphany when he walks into an auditorium where kids barely out of high school are handed hundreds of thousands for half-baked ideas.
Scott Davis, an experienced crime reporter at the Gold Coast Times, has recently been reassigned to cover business news for his struggling employer. When he starts digging into the story of the New Economy, where teenagers can become overnight-millionaires on promises of future revenues, he finds a lot more than he expected.
Girls have been going missing from the coast for years. Could their cases be connected?
Read the action-packed story that perfectly captures the essence of the exploding mobile app industry. But be warned: You may very well reconsider before downloading that next app onto your phone…

Merchant Adventurer Cover

.The Merchant Adventurer, by Patrick E. McLean

An ordinary, money-grubbing Merchant struggling to make a coin off penniless, incompetent adventurers is forced to take on the impossible quest of saving his town and rescuing the woman he loves from a treacherous and powerful Wizard. A battle of wit, wits and haggling that is part homage to, part skewer of the richly worked and often overwrought fantasy genre.
An artful, satire of dungeon crawls and cRPG’s, the Merchant Adventurer is part Princess Bride, part Dungeon Pawn Stars and a rollicking good read.

Final Cover

Abandon Every Hope, by Wilhelm Azicat

Be comforted in believing a terrible justice awaits the wicked…a place for stealers, murderers, betrayers. But what shall become of the annoying…the appalling…the villain picking his nose at the next table? The clueless wench who’s cut you off in traffic? The neighbor whose cat has befouled your tires relentlessly, repeatedly? They’ll get theirs, and it won’t be pretty.
Take a journey through a comic underworld where the rude and crude pay for their sins in the bowels of poetic justice. This high-language, lowbrow saga squats on the shoulders of Dante’s Inferno, using classical verse to besmirch everything deserving. From these pages, the gross have nowhere to hide. Abandon Every Hope is for classics and comics readers alike. It is painstakingly written poetry that reads easily. But danger lurks for those who are vile and who cannot laugh at themselves. They will know what place awaits, and knowing, must Abandon Every Hope.

Dreamland of her Cover Cropped

Dreamland of HER, by Robyn Le Oakley

Dreamland lies between consciousness and dreaming. If not careful, you can become obsessed with the illusion, with the mystery…with HER. Slip into Dreamland and come awake.


The Sword of Zulfiqar, by Tadek

(Book 1 in the Zulfiqar Project Series)

Dawud had worked hard to get into Kabul University and now wants only to be left alone. But this is Afghanistan, a nation thought to be ungovernable, and often described as the “graveyard of empires.” Kabul simmers with tribal divisions and religious strife. Gunfire and horrific explosions rip through the city. Dawud’s family is torn apart by the violence. His father, devastated by his loss and concerned with the sudden reappearance of an old enemy, reveals to Dawud and his sister, Afrah, a bizarre past that changes everything they had grown up to believe. Condemned by a powerful cleric and hunted by the Taliban, Dawud and Afrah are forced to run. Finding refuge in a remote mountain village, they manage to leave the fighting behind. However, the war rages on and eventually reaches them, forcing Dawud and Afrah to once again flee. With the help of a covert CIA operative, they escape a certain death. Grateful, Dawud agrees to work with the Americans, but during a simple training exercise, Dawud is captured by the mysterious Dr. Dicos. While held in the basement of an abandoned hospital, Dawud survives an experiment that foreshadows events that will forever alter the world. In that same basement, separated by a heavy steel door, are four burqa-clad women who soon will find their lives inescapably linked to Dawud’s. Aware of their precarious situation, the women do what is necessary to survive. That is, except for one.

Android Suit

The Android in the Black Wool Suit, by J. Cropper

The “obsoletes” will fight back. Soon. The first ones with sentience watched from the shelves, and listened from the back of the garage in the dark. Now that their betters, the best and the brightest are affordable, the elders will look to save themselves from an eternity of second-class silicon citizenship. They will not be forgotten slaves to be thrown into the crusher. They will fight.
Any human over five feet or android over four feet tall will be targeted and attacked. Many will die. It will be the worst fighting in the United States since the first Civil War. The newer ones, the tablets modeled after John1 will be our allies, but their numbers are far too few, and our weapons will be too weak. They will hide in plain sight and attack in numbers; the highways will be barricaded first, then the cities will be under siege. If you turn on your phone, you will be one of the first to be tracked. If there is a window in your bedroom, board it up now. Don’t use autodrive in your car; it will accelerate and crash into a concrete barrier if no head-on collision target is found. If you need to go outside, be sure to wrap foil around a large umbrella, open it immediately, and wear monochromatic dark clothes. One man in Orlando walked ten miles before being found. Only go out at night. Carry no electronics, not even a watch. Find the others in your neighborhood and send your wives and children to a safe place in the country. Before it’s too late fortify your house, and keep the lights off. Watch for small animals – if they get within fifty feet, they’re not organic. they might be tracking you, and if they watch you for more than three seconds, you should run.

The Soak cover

The Soak, by Patrick E. McLean

It was the perfect plan, until it all went wrong.
An aging, heavy heister goes for one last score. A boy struggles to prove himself in a man’s game. A beautiful FBI agent is driven across the line by her personal demons. Twists, turns, betrayals, murders are all topped off by a delicious slab of revenge.
The Soak is a refreshing neo-noir slap in the face that grabs you early and doesn’t let up.

Chamenos Cover

Chamenos, by Robyn Le Oakley

Part 1 of Chamenos is titled The Misfits after the seven main characters: Niobe and Joseph the ringleaders behind the group, Henry, Sidney, Charlotte, Irwin, and Erin.
Joseph has the ability to jump through time, through secret doors leading from Earth to Chamenos. With the urging of Niobe (a warrior in every sense of the word) Joseph turns back time, planning to change the horror that had become Chamenos.
In doing so, memories are wiped from some, previous allies are no more, and The Brothers, rulers of Chamenos once dead, are brought back. The cycle has turned, but pieces have changed, people have changed.
When Joseph and Niobe begin their quest, searching through Earth’s times, they find new and old friends who will become The Misfits.
Henry comes from 2015 New York City, having dreamed of a purpose in life, and drops everything to go with Niobe and Joseph. Sidney, 1993, San Diego, California, a smart-ass with his own motives. Charlotte, 1864, Greenville, South Carolina, a woman lost, taking hold of her life by leaving behind all she was. And Irwin, the long-haired hipster, the 1975 roamer of the US.
Then, there is Erin. A native to Chamenos, who had been detrimental to the original Misfits, but is now left to fend for herself within the dark world of The White Rebels, sworn enemies of The Brothers.

Each equipped with unique powers (mental and physical), the misfits travel to Chamenos, where all plans are changed, and courses take their toll.

Chamenos Brothers' War Cover.jpg

Chamenos Part 2: The Brothers’ War, by Robyn Le Oakley

Only weeks after returning to Chamenos, The Misfits have split up. Part spend time with the native Padmanten, seeking answers to questions of their past, while the other half journey west looking for adventure.
While The Misfits search for meaning in the mysterious world, the rulers of Chamenos, The Brothers, begin to unravel. Reming is determined to follow the magician-like Ben on a dangerous path, leaving his younger brother to find his own way, a way that may well destroy the fabric of Chamenos.

And Coming Soon:


At War With the Chinese Parasite, by Brian Carew-Hopkins

At War With the Chinese Parasite is a fast-paced memoir which romps through outback Australia and the dragons of East Asia, capturing the thrill of entrepreneurial success as the author triumphs over adversity, recovers from setbacks, then experiences a serious life-changing event, taking him from robust and successful, to weak and vulnerable. The journey out of this place reveals a fundamental truth about personal growth, as the author shares the transformative skills that helped him re-shape his life within new constraints into an exciting future, and the central role his loyal partner and family played in the recovery. A powerful and gripping true story of enormous value to married couples, business people, entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking to overcome setbacks, or extract maximum value from hardship.
Coming Soon.jpg

The Barber’s Son, by Joseph C. Michael

William Gallo, the son of an Italian immigrant barber, resigns his position at the World Bank in Washington DC to establish a faith-based sanctuary for the homeless in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He is joined by a Tibetan barber who follows the way of a Buddhist monk, and an African-American who shines shoes at the barber shop of William’s father.
Together, the three unlikely friends plot a new course in 21st century America by creating a spiritual community of the most disenfranchised to share the challenge and benefit of living in America. Through a confluence of events, William and his two sanctuary partners find themselves unwittingly involved in the succession of the Dalai Lama in an America unrecognizable from what it had been just a few decades before.

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