Here are a few words from some authors whose great books I’ve had the pleasure of reading and editing. Thanks, folks!

“After receiving a few bad reviews on my first self-published novel, I decided to hire a professional to edit my second novel. Without sacrificing quality, Mike returned my manuscript well before the deadline we agreed on. He encouraged me throughout the process and answered all of my questions. He even edited my blurb and back matter months later for no additional cost. I’m excited to work with him again in the future.”
Andy Gorman, author of Life on Planet Earth

“Mike not only perfectly captured but improved upon the narrative of my story with edits that were both granular and consistent. For a fantastic editor, look no further.”
—Chris Meyer, author of the Cycle of Ruin series

“My long and challenging search for a great editor ended the day I received my sample edit back from Mike Waitz. Mike’s attention to detail, his editorial commentary, coupled with his years of industry experience made the editing process far less stressful than I ever imagined it would be. More importantly, Mike helped me take my rough first draft and transform it into a finished manuscript ready for publishing. Going forward I will recommend Mike to any indie or published author who needs a top-tier professional editor. Thank you, Mike Waitz!!!”
Rafael A. Hines, author of the Bishop Series

“As someone who had never published a book before, and who needed an editor for my first fantasy novel, I was recommended by a family friend to check out Mike’s work. In working with Mike, I was pleasantly surprised that he was not only interested in editing the book, but also was there for feedback every step of the way.  His communication is A+, and he was very open and flexible with any questions I had (and there were many). It has been an amazing experience working with him, and I look forward to the opportunity again when my next book is ready.”
—Robert J. Colichio, author of An Eye for an Eye, a Life for a Life

“Mike encouraged me every step of the way. And he took his time to do a little extra that I didn’t even realize until he left a comment or email about it. His personality is like that uncle who comes in and everyone ends up smiling because of him. He never pushed back when I asked questions—he only encouraged me to ask more, and even made stupid jokes with me while we conversed. With Mike, it wasn’t about finding the best deal. He made the experience worth every cent and every minute. Thanks Mike.”
—Cameron Benham, author of The Lordsbane Tales Series

“Am I the luckiest author in the world, or what?  I found Mike, who helped me get my book, PowerPoint Ranger: My Iraq War Logs over the finish line. He provided sterling advice and insight during the editing process. He is a very perceptive editor. He accurately tuned in to my thinking and the underlying theses of the work. He identified nuances and obscure angles that needed highlighting or toning down in my manuscript. The end result of his effort for you will be a polished manuscript that you’ll be proud  and eager to get published.”
—Kelly Galvin, CPT, USA (Ret), author of PowerPoint Ranger: My Iraq War Logs

“Deciding to work with Mike was the best call I could have made as a new author. He was super encouraging, patient and consistently responsive throughout the whole process. We bonded over a love of puns & bad dad jokes — the perfect combination of professionalism and a personal touch. He delivered  honest feedback in a way that  consistently showed he saw my potential, especially on the many days I doubted myself. Best of all, he wasn’t afraid to call me out when I was letting my fear of success drive my procrastination. I couldn’t have asked for a better editor, and I recommend him without reservation to anyone looking for a true partner on their writing journey.”
—E. Danica Lovell, author of Distance Learning Secrets

“Mike Waitz makes me laugh. Of course he’s also competent, enlightening, and thorough in his critiques; not altogether common attributes in editors. BUT… he has a sense of humor… and for that, he is invaluable in helping me get through my novels. Equally important, he doesn’t impose his voice on my work. His technical edits are always on target as is his advice on content. All in all, he’s a keeper.”
—J. Santangelo and Michael Herman, authors of the Aliens, Tequila and Us series and the Bloodgood series

“As a new writer I was terrified to take the leap and pay for an editor; however, it was the best thing I could have done. I’ve worked with Mike on four books now, two of which are published and ranked top 100 in four different categories. Mike’s process was smooth, masterful, and gentle on my ego. I plan on working with him on all future endeavors.”
—Joseph Paradis, author of the Saving the Dark Side series

“Mike provides timely and well-considered edits that preserve author’s voice and prioritizes clarity. His edits are not just a one-off service – he provides support throughout the entire process – and your novel is better for it.”
R M Hamrick, author of the Chasing and Atalan Adventures series

“Many thanks to Michael Waitz, my awesome editor, who worked to get everything done in accordance with my tight schedule and made the book infinitely better!”
Fredric Shernoff, author of Vacancy, The Traveler and the Atlantic Island Trilogy

“Mike did a fantastic job of editing and made Rebirth award-winning!”
—L. Fergus, author of Game of the Gods: Rebirth

“Sticks and Stones Editing, by far the best editorial service any author can ask for. Mike is great to work with. He knows what needs to be done to correct issues and still maintain the author’s voice. Can’t be beat. Look no further. This one’s a keeper.”
—J.R. Jackson, author of the Up From the Depths series

Mike has gone above and beyond to help me produce the polished manuscript I had hoped for. His feedback was always timely, on-point, and invaluable, providing new insights to my writing style as well as the actual story. Mike’s attention to detail and his genuine interest in helping me develop my story have me looking forward to working with him again on future projects.
—Tom Burns, author of Equilibrium and Inertia

“Mike will give your book that polished feel that brings readers back for more.  I’ve worked with him on more than one project and he is, hands down, my go-to guy.  He is the first person to lay eyes on anything I write, and I feel strongly my work would not read as well without his expertise. If you’re looking for a great editor to take your work from good to great, then I highly recommend Mike.  As an added bonus, he is fun to work with.  Icing on the cake!  If you’re reading this, then you’re most likely looking for an editor.  In my opinion your search is over.  Hire him. You won’t regret it!”
—KKJacobs, author of Echelon and the upcoming Monster Hunters series

“Mike is a wonderful editor. He is quick, effective, and does all you wish for when seeking out a professional editor. He is responsive with questions, and works with you to make the work the best it can be. Anyone would be lucky to snatch this guy up!”
—Robyn Le Oakley, author of Dreamland of HER and the Chamenos series

“Thanks to Mike and his awesome editing skills I was able to self-publish my first book with confidence. He was both professional and insightful to work with. Gave great feedback on my book. Most of all, he was easy going, which made working with him even better.”
—Leeah M. Taylor, author of the Surface Below series

Mike is a thoughtful and supportive editor. He provided helpful insight when reviewing several parts of my book that gave me trepidation. His patience, easy-going nature, and open-mindedness make him an excellent choice for any writer.
—Alex Shahla, author of Lying to Children

“I’d like to thank Mike Waitz of Sticks and Stones Freelance Editing. He did a tremendous job of editing my book. The man is thoughtful, patient, and always willing to go the extra mile. He knows his stuff and I’m glad I’ve got him in my corner. Thanks Mike!”
—Tadek, author of The Sword of Zulfiqar

“I didn’t think I needed an editor until I worked with Mike. Now I wouldn’t even consider releasing the synopsis before Mike has worked his magic. If you want to be truly proud of your work, if you want to press that publish button on Amazon knowing that you have delivered the best work you possibly could – then contact Mike.”
—Erik Hamre, author of Tuna Life, The Last Alchemist, Dangerous Brains, 49 Days, Day 50, and The Luck Theory, with more great reads in the works.

“A special thanks to Mike Waitz, the editor of “The Barber’s Son (TBS).” Mike’s keen instinct and natural sensibilities for fiction made TBS a more accessible novel, and ready for publication. Mike’s insightful and comprehensive editing would benefit any serious writer.”
—Joseph C. Michael, author of The Barber’s Son

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