Why and How

There are magnificent, iconic musical artists who can neither read nor write music. Some guitarists hear and replay songs. Some great composers even hum or whistle their designs for others to write down on paper. It’s true, and you know where I’m going with this. Not every talented author is a talented editor, and that’s okay. But such artists…or at least the good ones…are savvy enough to capitalize on their own strengths, and to collaborate on the other facets of their work. Not doing so would mean fewer concertgoers, or fewer readers.

Many good books are made mediocre by grammar, spelling or usage errors. Even common errors (you know, the ones that are generally forgivable in emails and texts) can be annoying, and can distract the reader from otherwise great writing. The end result is that a truly impressive story can leave a lackluster impression.

I get it: Your grammar and spelling are fine, but they’re not your specialty, and that’s a concern. And so the flow of your thoughts onto paper is hampered by technical and mechanical minutiae. I work with authors who choose to rely on and develop their own creative strengths; they rely on me for technical strengths. The product is like a superb musical performance, played on a finely crafted and tuned instrument.

I don’t want to write your book…though I can help you rewrite it if need be. I’ll edit your work in an MS Word document and track all the changes I make. You will decide whether to keep or reject all the edits I make. Of course I’ll be available for questions, concerns and the likes. In short, we’ll work together to fine-tune and perfect your work.

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